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martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Free] From: The Co-ordinator.

Attn: Email Lottery Winner,

As you wonder about this notice, the Email draw is held periodically.
Your email ID luckily emerged from an automated random search
program for emails that frequent the internet.

Contact: Mr. Dirk van Goes.
Tel: +31- 633 968 651.
Fax: +31- 847 549 511.

Also Send: 1. Full Names/Address/Tel/Gender.......
2. Occupation...... 3. Nationality......

Your email ID emerged with-Batch Nr: SPYU6868 & 5687SPL876.
For the claim of your prize award= 1.500.000.00 Euro=in Category 'A'=
now deposited in the bank contact as directed above.

From: The Co-ordinator.
(Alliance Member of Inter. Net Award)

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